Stop! Don’t stop!

Is it bad that I like the idea of teasing a man after he’s climaxed?

Most of us have had that moment where you say, or have had said to you: ‘Stop! I’m too sensitive!‘ after coming. But the people who do like post-orgasm torture, I hear you. This is a fairly new kink of mine. It’s always been there hanging out in the background, but not fully realised until recently.

For me doing post-orgasm torture, I mean doing this only if it feels good for them. This is a pretty ‘in fantasy land’ kink though. I understand for a lot, if not most guys/penis owners that it can feel painful and they need a breather afterwards. My boyfriend falls into this category. I mean, I know it’s called post-orgasm torture but I don’t want to actually torture the poor guy!

There’s been a few times where I’ve been on top and wanted to carry on riding, or jerked him off, but he’s been too sensitive to continue post-climax. And been many times when I’ve come from receiving oral sex but been too sensitive to carry on. There comes that point where the post-orgasm haze feels incredible to just outright painful.

Then there are the people that fall into the other camp. Where they say it feels like the most amazing thing on the planet. Where that mixture of pain and pleasure is a magnificent cocktail (no ‘cock’ puns intended). Or as I saw one guy online describe it when his girlfriend carries on riding him after he’s climaxed: ‘It feels so good I’d do anything. Hell, she could ask me for a kidney and I’d give it to her.’

Well that’s certainly one way to put it! πŸ˜‚

Like I said before though, I’d only ever do this if it sparked the latter feeling. I wouldn’t do it if it was just painful and nothing else. Unless they were a masochist and that discomfort alone really got them off, in which case I’d be happy to deliver.

*Cue sadistic Top cackles*

Masturbation Monday

All my love,

Violet xx

14 thoughts on “Stop! Don’t stop!

  1. A great post! Made me reflect on what I would personally enjoy after a climax. Not being one of those who just pull out, roll over and fall asleep, I definitely enjoy some after-action, but have to be in control, to avoid overstimulation. I can certainly see how someone with masochistic tendencies would get a kick out of being tortured after coming, and probably be ready to go again in a short order.

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  2. victoriablisseuk

    I enjoy orgasm torture but it’s most assuredly a masochism thing for me. I enjoy it because of the pain. Actually, I now have…wants that I need to communicate to my sadist. Heh.

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  3. JB lets me tease him a little bit after he climaxes but only a little. But his favorite thing is to take me to the point of being overly sensitive and then keep going. We don’t do it often, but it’s fun when we do. Not because I enjoy the sensation of torture on my poor sensitive clit, but because it’s part of the power dynamics between us and the masochist in me enjoys certain amounts of torture, lol.


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