Want and need

A little while back me and my boyfriend were in bed together. We’d been so busy with work and it was just one of those nights where we were absolutely desperate for each other.

I needed him thrusting fast and deep inside me. All the pent up sexual frustration needed expelling from us in naked, raw need.

This was the last time we had anal sex. He was on top of me and I just needed him to take my ass. It’s a different kind of ‘giving myself to him’ if that makes any sense. One because of the supposed forbidden, naughty nature of anal sex, plus he’s the only man I’ve ever done that with.

The weird thing with every time I’ve had anal sex is that the need to have it has come almost instantaneous during sex. No forward planning (minus the warm-up and a hella load o’ lube) just straight up: ‘ I need you to fuck my ass NOW!’

My boyfriend, being a man who reacts as if Christmas has come early when I ask him this, he was very much up for it. Didn’t have to tell him twice is the phrase that springs to mind.

So we get the extra lube, slather it all over the condom as I get on all fours. Anal being anal, it takes a bit of time and relaxation (or trying to, at least!) before he can be inside me.

It felt strange, but it feels good as the tip slides in. It was just what I needed. I don’t know why it makes me feel like this but it does: It takes giving myself to him to a whole other level. It’s different and just sends my mind into this sexually submissive space that’s difficult to explain. One of those ‘you have to experience it to know what I’m talking about’ things.

My mind goes quiet, still, calm even, like the ocean just becoming calm after a choppy night. I’m like putty in your hands, completely and utterly. That’s where with anal sex, in order to stay relaxed enough for it, as well because it’s a delicious combination, I need one thing in particular: ‘The Dom talk.’

‘The Dom talk’ is well, the dominant dirty talk you can imagine, but especially during anal sex it just does something to me. It’s a real turn on.

So I’m there, face down ass up, my boyfriend making some gorgeous noises as I relax and contract. And I start doing something he absolutely loves, as well as him taking charge in the bedroom: Beg.

The need is so strong. I need to hear the words while he smacks my ass and takes it. And he loves it when I beg him.

‘Call me your good girl…’ I beg him. ‘Please, please tell me I’m your good girl!’

You all know how utterly weak-kneed ‘good girl’ leaves me. So you can imagine how it made me feel when he said it amongst moaning and getting close.

‘You’re my good girl…’

Please tell me I’m good girl…’

‘You’re my good girl…Arrgh…’

I’m completely fired up, all the while in a serene, submissive calm. He comes hard, deep and I adore the noises he makes. We really needed that.

13 thoughts on “Want and need

  1. collaredmichael

    I’m an anal sex virgin. Well, I have been pegged, but Angus has never ventured into those regions on anyone. No one I’ve ever been with has expressed any interest in receiving it. My Queen is adamant that it is an exit only opening. I remember a girl from deep in my past who had expressed an interest only to back down when she saw Angus. In her words, “Angus was too thick!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can understand where she’s coming from, it takes a whole load of prep for anything like that especially so if the man’s particularly well endowed. It’s definitely not for everyone, and even if it certain circumstances, like with myself for instance, or with your former lady friend, can make it a non-regular occurrence.


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