Limits: Don’t come near me!

No no, no no there’s no limits!!

Before anyone freaks out, I’m totally joking πŸ˜‚ Those who’ve been following my blog for a while will know I have a limit list as long as my arm πŸ˜‚.

I started diving head first into exploring my kinks around two years ago now, so I’m hardly a veteran kinkster by any means. So while some kinks are subject to change, my hard limits, as by its definition, are not.

Most of my hard limits are pretty distinct and not uncommon when interacting with fellow kinky folk.

Mine are:

  • Blood play
  • Needles
  • Bruising, scarring, cutting and piercing of any kind
  • Watersports
  • Scat
  • Breath play
  • Verbal humiliation/degradation (subjective: what I consider to be the aforementioned)
  • Spitting
  • Coming on my face and/or in my mouth.

The last one is the limit I wish to concentrate on in this post. It seems a common preference generally speaking, than any of the others listed which are quite niche kinks. Even in vanilla life, the ‘facial’ or ‘swallowing’ is talked about and shown regularly in porn. Particularly porn with a predominantly male audience, either as a kinky thing or as general a sign of dominance or ownership (that’s what I derive from it anyway, but my word is not gospel by any means).

Honestly, the thought of me doing it makes me feel sick. I can’t imagine it tasting very nice and with my having a digestive condition, not sit very well on one’s stomach either. Yes I can write it, but then again there’s plenty I write fiction of that I wouldn’t do IRL.

The thought of me doing/being asked to do this automatically elicits the following response:

I admit it was something that made me anxious when I was single and mingling like crazy. What if I get together with someone and they want me to do that? I know the answer is simple: you just wouldn’t do it.

But as I gathered it was something commonly liked, I was anxious I’d get the ‘Aww come on. You’re no fun!’ approach. I know this might sound a little silly, but I was younger and very inexperienced with relationships, and like anyone wanted to avoid twattery wherever possible.

Thankfully though, with my boyfriend this isn’t the case. I had this conversation with him a little while back and his response was: ‘Oh God no! I’d never ask you to do that.’ When I asked him what didn’t do it for him about it, he had a similar response as I do. His words verbatim: ‘I think it’s gross.’

Baring in mind, this is just us and obviously if it’s very much you and your partner(s) thing, more power to you. But for us it’s a firm no.

This isn’t to say he hasn’t come on other parts of me. He’s come on my boobs, stomach, even inside me and in my ass before I came off the pill. It was fun and naughty to experiment with and try it for the first time.

Just nowhere near my face and mouth and we’re good. And as a general rule, if you dish it, you help with clean up afterwards. Hooray for teamwork? πŸ˜‚

All my love,

Violet xx

*Picture – Pinterest

11 thoughts on “Limits: Don’t come near me!

    1. Watersports is like an umbrella term for stuff involving urine. I like vampire fiction and the eroticism behind the ‘bite’ to the neck as it’s a very erogenous zone for me, but blood I’m quite squeamish with and can imagine it being painful, which I’m not about. Thanks TJ, I’m happy you enjoyed it! 😊

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  1. collaredmichael

    I am always asked to β€œclean up” when I β€œmake a mess!” lol. But my Queen enjoys the taste of my cum. So while in the past three years I haven’t done it very often, it still happens if she wishes. Usually she will then feed it to me via a kiss. So teamwork does indeed exist!

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  2. The standout thing for me in your post for me is what’s not hard for most may on top of the hard list for some. So care and sensitivity should be taken when discussing and never assuming. β€˜Aww come on. You’re no fun!’ really resonated with me.

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    1. Thanks hun 😊 Very much so, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. From what I’d been exposed to in my late teens (primarily in college) etc. it was seen like the woman was “frigid” of she didn’t do it, which is ridiculous. I did see on Twitter recently someone tweeting asking what guys thought of it, and pretty much all took the approach of ‘I’ll put it wherever she wants it, I won’t make her do something she’s not into.” which was a relief! πŸ˜‚

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