Let me be your stress relief

I thrive in making you feel good. If you’ve had a long, hard day at work, there’s nothing that gets me more turned on than the thought of unbuckling your belt and taking your cock into my mouth, letting those stresses just float away with every inch deeper I take you.

I love feeling the tension slowly leave your body. I love hearing each hushed moan as I lick your hard, pulsing cock. There’s something about giving you pleasure to relieve your stresses that makes my skin tingle and my blood set alight.

I suppose it comes from my deep seated need to take care of a man I’m romantically attached to. A service-like need that seems to run deep in my veins, paralleling the headstrong independence I pride myself on.

It’s not just about me. We are a team. If you’re not ok, neither am I. And being the hedonist I am within a monogamous arrangement, I feel all the more naughty knowing this is just for you.

Feeling your chest rise and fall as the last of the day’s stresses melt away, or fucking the stress out of our systems raw and animal, brings me to a serenity that is difficult to explain. It is not better or worse than other feelings like this, but it is one on its own.

When you’re happy I’m happy. I’ll do what I can within my means to be your soothing balm from the thorns of the outside world. I’ll make you a drink. I’ll cook your favourite meal to cheer you up. I’ll suck your cock until you forget the day you had. I’ll be your slut to bend over and fuck it all out. I’ll only do it for you.

So let me take care of you. Let me be your stress relief.

Masturbation Monday


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