Good old fashioned love

This is another addition to my sexual fantasy blog posts. Enjoy! 😉

I’m lying naked on the bed while you’re next to me, hovering over me as we kiss.

I run my fingers through your soft, short hair, feeling your stubble graze against my cheek. Smoothing your fingers over my pussy, I gasp as you stroke them over my sensitive clit, easing one inside me.

Your breath catches. Our chests rise and fall, feeling the gap of cold air between us before our skin brushes against each other again.

Your touch is gentle, slowly moving in and out, circling your thumb lazily over my clit. Tingles shunter down my inner thighs down to my toes as I watch your beautiful eyes glaze and hood over, before kissing me again.

Our tongues swirl back and forth like lovers of their own. I bask in the warmth of your chest, tracing my fingers over the defined muscles of your shoulders. You dip to my neck, softly branding me with your kisses as I rock against your hand.

I come quietly, burying my face into your chest while you whisper sweet words into my ear and we seamlessly roll together. You on your back as I straddle your wide hips, taking your hardened flesh and slowly lowering on to you.

The easy, steady rhythm between our legs guides us. Our fingers interlock. I watch your eyes close and your mouth hang open, back arching as you grind even deeper. My centre throbs at the sight of you and you sit up, winding your arms around me, capturing my mouth with yours.

Every feeling radiates with every movement. Every caress of your lips against mine. Every rock of our hips in sensuous unison. We let it consume us whole.

This is love. And we never want to leave it.


Violet Grey

*Picture – Pinterest

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