REVIEW: The Ruby Glow by Tabitha Rayne and Rocks Off

While I was at Eroticon this year, I had the pleasure of meeting the talented and absolutely darling Tabitha Rayne, who introduced me to her invention, the Ruby Glow, and very kindly gave me one to review. So a massive thank you to Tabitha and Rocks Off for making this review possible!

Now: to business!

The Ruby Glow is marketed is an intimate massager. It’s a non-penetrative sex toy that sports the tagline: Pleasure for the seated lady. It’s designed and contoured to fit around the genitalia, with a series of ridges against the clitoris, a dip for the pubic bone followed by a ball-shaped swell against the vaginal area (as pictured).

Rocks Off The Ruby Glow Tabitha Rayne
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It comes in a sleek-feeling packaging, with a two plastic moulds to keep the product inside to prevent it falling around. The product is made with skin safe silicone and boasts dual action buttons with 10 speed and pulse settings. So, you can use vibrations just on the vaginal area or the clitoris as par your preferences. It is currently available for £39.99 GBP.

The Ruby Glow Rocks Off Tabitha Rayne

Now, this was a very new experience for me as I am relatively new to sex toys. I got my first vibrator at 20 (my trusty Ann Summer’s Silicone G-Whizz) and that gave me some lovely orgasms from clit stimulation, that I didn’t try anything else for a long time (plus just never getting round to buying any more.)

I first tried this out on my bed, in a cowgirl position. In retrospect, I should have tried this out sitting first to get a full grasp of how well this toy fits. But still, I was able to ride my way to a lovely orgasm by grinding my clit back and forth.

Next, I tried sitting on the end of the bed. It does take a bit of fiddling and moving around to get the right position of this toy but apart from that, I can’t really fault it. The vibrations around my vulva and vaginal area (as well at the clitoral vibrations) were incredibly pleasant!

I was grinding away, enjoying the warm, tingly electricity going through my body and how languid were legs were afterwards, like after some thoroughly pleasurable sex.

Now, I wasn’t expecting to orgasm through vaginal vibrations alone, as I find that harder to achieve as opposed to through clit stimulation, which for me is the orgasmic gift that just keeps on giving. But bearing in mind, this is just how my own body works, and everyone works differently.

It’s refreshing to see and use a product that isn’t shaped and marketed for penetration. It’s a nice change up to see a toy with powerful vibrations and speed settings that doesn’t have a penetrative thing about it.

As much as I personally enjoy penetration, that isn’t the be all and end all to ensure orgasm. As we know, many clitoris, vulva and vagina owning persons don’t or can’t orgasm from penetration alone, so it’s good to see a product that caters to such pleasure as a priority.

Plus, I think this is definitely more inclusive for those who cannot use penetration or just prefer not to for whatever reason.

This isn’t a toy you can completely sterilise, as there is a battery pack and plastic bottom, which can be damaged if you submerge completely to sterilise. Before and after use, I use special toy cleaning wipes and/or spray to thoroughly clean the product.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this product and props to Tabitha Rayne for this wonderful invention!

All my love,

Violet xx

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