The Wolf and the Lamb

CONTENT NOTE: This is an erotic fiction based on a popular fairytale. All the characters in this story are consenting adults.

Mae made her way through the forest on foot, pulling the hood of her cloak closer around her face. It would be a while before the sun set, giving her enough time to get where she needed.

She strayed from stone path, making her way deep into the forest, leaves and branch alike crunching under her feet. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t see the path at all. It was so easy for one to get lost if one didn’t know their way. The greenery was dense, the air thick with the aroma of fresh spring honeysuckle.


It was too silent.

A distant snapping branch had Mae spin around. Nothing was there. A deer, perhaps? She doubted it. She’d be able to see one moving around, the brown and russet skin against the deep and lush green of the leaves. Another snap. Nothing…when an arm clamped around her waist and a hand around her mouth.

‘Shh, shhh, sshhhhhh. Don’t scream.’ A baritone voice growled in her ear, ‘Don’t scream…’

Slowly, he released his hand, running a finger softly over her jaw. Mae stayed rooted to the spot, daring not to look at him.

‘You’re a pretty thing, little lamb…’ he mused, pulling down her hood. ‘Ooh, very pretty.’

Mae spun round to face him, a tall man with a sweep of dark hair, bright blue eyes and a shadow of stubble along his angular jaw, clad in the garments of a blacksmith or stable boy. She stepped back.

‘Please Sir,’ she said, ‘I don’t want any trouble. I have no money.’

‘It’s not money I want.’ His eyes wandered up and down her laced ivory dress and oxblood cloak, when a mischievous smile spread across his cheeks with a chuckle. Giggles bubbled in her chest and he bundled her up in his arms spinning her round.

‘I missed you.’ Mae balanced on her tiptoes so she could kiss him. ‘I didn’t think you’d show.’

‘Managed to sneak away from the stables for a bit.’ Benjamin smiled, ‘Jonas is covering for me.’

‘Thank God.’ She kissed him again, this time more urgent, more needing. He slipped his tongue past her lips, pulling her against his strong torso. Already she could feel his hardness straining against his trousers. She started to unbuckle his belt. Benjamin hummed against her lips.

‘Someone’s eager.’ he mused, tugging the string of her cloak and watching it drop to the floor.

‘Shhhhโ€ฆ’ She brought him down onto the ground with her, pulling his trousers to his knees and straddling his hips, ‘I need you. I’ve missed you so much…’

Benjamin threaded her silky hair through his fingers as their tongues swirled and danced, pulling Mae’s skirt to her hips. She took him in her hands, stroking the hardened flesh in between her fingers, capturing his shaky gasp with her lips.

‘You want me?’ she breathed, emerald eyes dark and wanting. He nodded.

‘Yes…’ He pulled her atop him, watching her eyes hood and close, her sweet mouth open as she lowered on to him. He groaned through gritted teeth as she rocked her hips, propping his feet on the ground and thrusting into her.

They were far too deep in the forest for anyone to hear them, and if anyone did, they didn’t care. Their love was fast and primal, Mae pressing her hands into Bejamin’s solid chest as he took her, revelling in the sweet sounds she made.

She bounced her hips against his, teasing the tip of his cock at her entrance, watching him surrender to the feeling as he arched his back and dug his fingers into her ribs.

‘That’s it…’ she moaned, ‘That’s it…’

Pulling her down to his lips, they kissed frantically, only breaking apart for a slight slither of the air between them. Matching her unbridled rhythm, Benjamin held her close, pinning her to him as he stiffened underneath her, both of them muffling their climax in the warmth of each other’s necks.


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13 thoughts on “The Wolf and the Lamb

  1. Alethea Hunt

    I love corrupted fairy tales and you”ve taken this perfectly so it is recognizable and different at the same time. It’s only a slight pity he didn’t eat her up…but maybe that comes next? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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