A little appreciation

Seeing that beautiful, thick, hard cock in front of me makes me even more desperate for you.

I imagine me running my tongue up the shaft to the tip, taking my time to run my lips over it and have you in my mouth. I want to lick and suck and treat you as you should be. I want to massage your balls in my hands and tease them with my lips.  I want to show every bit of my appreciation for you and how much I love having your cock in my mouth, just where it should be.

I want to sit on your cock and have it stretch out my pussy until a sated groan leaves my lips. I want to show you how much I love having you inside me. I want to grind and slowly rise and fall, watching you suck in breath after shaky breath through gritted teeth, revelling in the electric tingles that shoot down my legs into my toes.

I want to show you how I love taking every inch of you. I want to take it slow so we can really connect, as much as I love to just fuck. I want to make you feel good. Pleasing you pleases me. Seeing your glazed eyes and hips rocking with mine gets me off more than I could ever put into words.

I want to appreciate you. Let me show you just how much.

Masturbation Monday

*Picture – Pinterest

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