Sir’s Naughty Kitten

This D/s spanking story has been a draft for a little while now, brought to you with a new lease of life inspired by the Draft Folder Challenge by the very lovely Cara Thereon. Shout-out to Cara for creating this, helping us clear the dreaded draft box!! While you’re here, I highly recommend checking out Cara’s fantastic blog and show some love! 🙂 

Tonight he uses his favourite rope.

Sir pulls me up higher over his thighs while I struggle, my wrists tied behind my back with the red hemp rope he loves so much.

Stop squirming.” he orders. I obey. My toes curl as he runs his fingers up my bare leg to my ass.

“Hmmm…” He kisses one of the cheeks before giving it a swift smack! I yelp, squirming once again. He holds me firm over his lap, keeping my arms pinned while he softly rubs the sting away.

“You know what happens when you tempt me while I’m working. Don’t you, kitten?” SMACK! Again he soothes the sting with the flat of his palm. Oh, how I love those hands. Strong, worn, experienced. He squeezes my fleshy cheek again, harder this time. SMACK!

Don’t you?’ he growls. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! ‘You know what happens to Daddy when you walk around…’ SMACK! ‘In next to nothing…’ SMACK! ‘While I work…’ SMACK! ‘To look after my kitten?’ SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! 

I giggle against the light, luscious sting on my ass. He doesn’t smack too hard. He knows that’s a limit for me. I can feel his thighs shake under me. He’s chuckling too.

‘What am I going to do with you, hmm?’ SMACK! I giggle again. ‘My naughty…’ SMACK! ‘naughty…’ SMACK! ‘kitten.’ I can’t contain my giggles. His legs shake and before long we’re both laughing messes. He lifts me up to my feet, tilting up my chin with his finger.

‘Tell me, kitten.’ His brow quirks up, running his hands softly over my shoulders, ‘Have I not been paying you enough attention lately?’ He kisses my forehead, ‘Have I been neglecting you?’ I shake my head.

‘No Sir. I just miss you today is all.’

He pulls me into a warm embrace, gently running his hands over my bare skin, springing back my black thong, the only thing I’m wearing, against my skin. He playfully swats my behind one last time with a gorgeous, deep chuckle that makes my knees wobble.

‘Whose are you?’ he asks. A smile spreads across my cheeks.

‘Yours, Sir.’

‘Good girl.’ he smiles. He spins me round, bending me over the desk with his hand on the small of my back.

‘And for being so good…’ he growls in my ear. A shiver dances down my spine, ‘I’m going to fuck you like the horny girl you are…’



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