Taking my sweet time…

Like in Make me your slut, Master, here’s another fantasy I’ve had for a number of years:

He’s lying on the bed waiting for me.

I’ve been getting ready for the last fifteen minutes, making sure my hair’s voluminously bouncy and my makeup perfectly blended. Smokey brown eyeshadow to bring out the green in my eyes and dark, tawny lipstick and I’m ready to go. Securing the suspender clip to my stocking, I make my way out and push the beaded curtains to the side.

He’s dressed in his suit from work, tie loose, top buttons undone. I bite my lower lip. God, he looks sexy (I have a thing for dudes in suits – I know! Blame my time working in menswear!) He sits up, eyes wandering over my black, laced lingerie, corset and sheer dressing gown, saying not a word as I slowly walk up to the bed and crawl on top of him.

I take my time with him, slowly kissing him, enjoying every feel and curve of his lips and tongue. I do hate to rush things. Feeling his chest quicken under mine and his breath grow more hushed always makes me wet. I find myself instinctively grinding against his hips. I feel his cock underneath his trousers. It’s rock solid. I grind my clit against the fabric keeping us both apart…for now.

I undo his shirt buttons and loosen his tie, tying it round his eyes in a makeshift blindfold. My kisses trail down to his neck right to the sensitive spot that drives him crazy. I linger there for a long time until his breath is ragged and he’s shaking under me, begging my name.

Gradually I move down his bare chest, working my way down in kisses until I unbuckle his belt and pull his trousers and underwear to his knees. He lies there, letting me do whatever I like. Seeing him in his surrender has me sopping between my thighs. I take his cock, twisting the gorgeous, hardened flesh in my hand before teasing the tip with my tongue, flicking back and forth, circling, before taking all of him in my mouth.

I love having his cock in my mouth. Slow, deliberate strokes, sucking and licking, the taste of him. I worship him with my mouth, savouring every second before he’s begging me to stop, because any more and he’ll come, and he doesn’t want to just yet. Jettisoning my robe, I straddle him, once again losing ourselves in grinding my clit against him. It feels incredible, the flesh on flesh. I drink in the sight of him under me, hooded-eyed with his hands grazing over my thighs, before inch by inch I lower on to him.

I keep a steady pace, gently circling and grinding my hips, watching him under me. We’re not in the mood for fast fucking tonight, we just want to take our time. We savour every delicious twinge and tingle, the buzzing lightness between my legs gradually building. I remove my corset, exposing my breasts and he takes them into his mouth, flicking my nipples back and forth with his tongue. I gasp.

Gradually our pace becomes more urgent, yet still easy, steady, and before long we’re completely possessed by the wonderful friction we’ve built between us. His hands sprawl over my soft flesh, tracing over my breasts and squeezing while I ride to the edge. My orgasm is sweet and pulsing, rocking back and forth hard until I feel him stiffen underneath me, his moans are exquisite to hear. His hips jerk, clinging to mine before he deliciously releases into me.

All my love,

Violet xx


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*Picture – Pinterest

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