On the edge?

From what I’ve learned along the kinky road so far, ‘edge play’ can be pretty subjective. What’s considered edgy for one may be normal to another. However, also from what I’ve heard from educators and the general kink scene, ‘edge play’ can be types of play considered higher risk and generally challenges the boundaries of Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC).

From my understanding, the consequences if a scene goes wrong or not safely approached could be incredibly serious, mentally and physically etc. or even lethal. Breath play (also known as erotic asphyxiation) being an obvious example there. So what springs to mind are other kinds of play like blood play, unprotected sex, needle play, fear play, that generally fall under the edge play umbrella.

Being squeamish and asthmatic, you wouldn’t catch me doing the aforementioned. Not to yuck anyone’s yum (but I’d seriously advise with unprotected sex to in fact, protect yourselves) but that’s too much for me. Especially fear play. I get no thrill whatsoever from being frightened in a place I’m meant to feel safe.

I’ll openly admit, quite a few of my kinky fantasies can be quite…well, dark. Usually involving darker power play. Those fantasies that make you feel like something is wrong with you when in actual fact, they’re surprisingly common. So I suppose for many of you reading this, I wouldn’t be surprised if you took one look of what my ‘darker’ fantasies are and go: Pfft, that’s it?!

For me, it mainly surrounds some form of roleplay. Usually, the forbidden romance type. Obsessed admirer roleplay seducing and having his way with you? We’ve seen that a lot. Phantom of the Opera being one. And yes, Ramin Karimloo can seduce me any day.

Being overpowered (consensually, of course) by that gorgeous, rough-around-the-edges man you fancy? I’ve found I have a few fantasies of getting fucked in a roleplay scene, of a ‘bad boy’ lover, donning a balaclava: like a kinky Cops and Robbers, if you will. Does that mean I want a random person in a balaclava to come and feel me up or fuck me? Fuck no. That’s a one way ticket to a knee in the balls and probably a broken nose.

I have many fantasies one might consider unconventional or ‘edgy’ Here are mine:

One of a King’s harem? Check.

Interrogatee fucking the hot cop? Phew! *fans self*

Dracula’s bride with a side order of receiving neck worship? You betcha.

Subordinate and Master? I don’t love Jane Eyre for nothing, you know!

The queen/princess and her sworn protector? Where the fuck do I sign up?

Lap dancing for, then fucking, a handsome older man? Yup.

Sex worker and a client? That was the basis for Taking my sweet time.

I could go on, but they are mainly my fantasies. The stuff we read in the books and see in the movies.

As well as roleplay, I sometimes crave the sex that could be considered darker. Rough sex for example, and I mean rough. Primal sex, biting, scratching, sex-induced bruises, completely giving in to your baser instincts in a way that can be too rough for some. Angry sex. That ‘I can’t stand you right now but my God, I’d fuck the shit out of you’ sex. Let loose, go wild. Fuck each other like crazy.

I’ve always had a weakness for ye olde ‘bodice ripper’. Remember those fantasy or historical movies whether there’s some seriously hot sexual tension between two characters, and a beautifully crafted knife or sword is involved? Usually gently running over the neckline of the dress, or even over the neck itself, before dropping it and some seriously hot kissing and/or sex ensues?

That’s an ultimate fantasy, one of those medieval warriors slicing the top of my corset with his weapon and ripping it open, before having his rough-around-the-edges way with me? Unff, yes please!

I remember when my boyfriend cut off a pair of knickers I was wearing, with some stockings and suspenders, with a pair of scissors as we got it on (don’t worry, we were careful!) That was hot. As far as an actual knife play scene goes, the thing would either have to be a prop or rubber for me. No sharpness here. And this in theory. Chances are the reality I’d probably shrivel up at.

I know some of you may not consider these as ‘edge play’ but I suppose it’s edgy for me. But then again, anything outside the historical British take on sex ‘lie back and think of England’ is considered dark and edgy. I have sex outside of marriage and I’m a little kinky. *horrified gasps* Burn the witch! 😂



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