Pole fitness and fresher’s flu

So I enrolled this week and I’m now officially a Master’s student! It feels like a while since I wrote on here even though it’s only been four days. Classes are underway and it was good to finally meet the full and part time people I’m going to be studying with. As far as first impressions go, they seem like a really nice bunch.

I went to the society fair after my first day and my boyfriend even offered to come with me on his day off. He’s been ridiculously busy and with the run up to Christmas, you can imagine how work can get, so I was down for him getting some much deserved rest. Didn’t think Fresher’s would be his scene (and it’s not) but he insisted on coming with me anyway as moral support, bless him! As he put it, “If there’s one thing it’s made me realise, it’s how old I actually am!” he laughed. I keep telling him the 30s isn’t old, but he won’t believe me and still thinks he’s ancient! xD

I had a little look around, meandering throughout the sea of students and checking out the different societies when I came across pole fitness. I’d wanted to join in my last year, but because of an injured intercostal muscle, the head instructor advised against it until it had fully healed.

I’m looking forward to trying out a taster session before joining, if I like it. It’s something as you know I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and the girls all seemed lovely so that’s another positive! I’m just bracing myself for the myriad of bruises and soreness I’ll have afterwards!

I was going to go earlier in the coming week, but the annual fresher’s flu has hit me and the mister, so we’ve been spending the day dosing up on throat sweets, tea and resting. Fingers crossed it won’t last much longer, I can’t stand getting sick!

All my love,

Violet xx


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10 thoughts on “Pole fitness and fresher’s flu

  1. turning20web

    Take care.. You will get fine..
    I m so happy that you are getting pole Fitness training..
    I wanna do that too.. But I m unable to find any academy around here.. Ugh!!
    I need to go to Mumbai or places like such..
    Good luck with masters.. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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