My Love

My love
My world
My all
Our love is what I cherish most of all
Your kindness
Your generosity
Your never ending ability to be so fun loving
Guarded you are
Yet you chose me
To share your deepest self with me of all people
I cherish that
I am honoured by that
I thank you for showing me
What it means to love someone unconditionally
Your love shields me from darkness
Protects me from the demons in my mind
That tell me I’m not good enough
It reminds me to love myself when I feel I cannot
Because you see in me
What I wish to see in myself
Just as I do you
For love is patient, love is kind
And unexpected, one day
Your soul entwined with mine


© 2018 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest


*Dedicated to my boyfriend, whom I love dearly

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