Dominant sex and an unexpected epiphany

So the other day, something really interesting happened.

The other morning the weather had turned cooler, meaning me and my man could finally have a proper cuddle, without having to break apart after 5 seconds for being too hot!

He was due for work in the afternoon, so we had a few hours to ourselves to sleepily chill. Gradually the cuddle became more intimate, nuzzling and letting him grind against me a little bit. More and more I was getting more fired up. I so desperately wanted to make love to him.

We’ve both been very tired of late due to a busy work schedule, so we’ve not been intimate as often as we usually are. It’s been a case of, “we’ve both really wanted to but are just too knackered and wouldn’t be any good to each other”.

Anyway, we’re snuggling and cuddling (both in just our underwear, it’s been too hot for any PJs) and he bites my shoulder. I liked how it felt. There’s a dominance to it that excites me. Normally, I don’t like it too hard but I found myself wanting him to go for it a bit more.

Me: I like it when you bite me like that. 

Him: Yeah? 

Me: Yeah. I like how it feels. 

So he started doing it again, biting the fleshy part of my shoulder up to my neck. He bit harder and I could feel his body stiffen as he grew more aroused, cuddling me even closer than he already had. The bites were harder than I’ve took before. Not excruciating obviously, but not gentle nips either. Enough to leave to mark.

As he bit the sensitive skin on my shoulder and we both got more fired up, I found I liked it. Really liked it. It felt dominant and possessive, just what I’ve been craving. I let him know with my body I liked what he was doing and wanted more. He reached round under my panties, swirling his fingers around me. Both of us were so fired up and I wanted even more.

Next thing I know, I’m flipped on to my back, panties swiftly pulled off, hands pinned above my head, a needing kiss and away we go!

Our lovemaking was rough and he was every bit the dominant partner. I was revelling in it. He bit at my shoulders and neck again. The sounds that came from me I’ve never made before. Yes, there was some discomfort, but not enough for me to tell him to ease up a bit or stop. It felt good.

It was just at the limit of my pain/pleasure threshold and it fed my submissive craving even more. I loved it and so did he. It left behind my first few faint love bites (something I’ve never gone for in the past) which I giggled naughtily with memories at whenever I looked at them for the rest of the day.

It felt so good, I could feel my eyes rolling in to the back of my head as this wonderful pleasure swept through my entire body. My hungry inner submissive had been fed. Afterwards, we were both all smiles and I was getting regular slaps on the ass every time I passed him as he was getting ready for work.

I gave a little yelp of appreciation and even more turned on (he loves spanking me) he spanked me harder than we’ve ever done before. It stung, but it didn’t hurt and I loved it. He loved it.

For ages, I’ve been all, “yeah I like this or that, but not too hard.” etc. etc. Turns out, I like it a bit rougher than I thought!

Also, I think my boyfriend is definitely taken to his kinky Dom side more than I anticipated! I bought my first paddle last week. When I showed it to him, he slapped it against his hand, then looked at me with a glint in his eye and a wicked grin.

“Come here…” he said.

I had a few swats through my dress and again, it didn’t hurt (but this is through a dress, on my bare bottom may be different. We shall see!) just more the shock of the impact and again, it felt really good. I’ve been getting so excited and regularly fantasising about him telling me to bend over while he uses it on me. *swoons*

Also, yesterday we were going to an event that called for him to wear a suit. I’ve always said and will say again: Damn he looks sexy in his suit! I was bending over to reach for something past him, when he jokingly says in a Dom-like voice:

Him: Hhmmmm…I think I shall have to discipline you later. 

The thought of him, role play discipline, with him in his suit…? Lord, it was one of the few times I was rendered speechless! All I could think was: Oh my God oh my God, yes please!!!! 

“D-Don’t…don’t give me ideas.” I managed to babble out.

He chuckled said he probably wouldn’t as he’d be knackered by the end of the day and sure enough, we were. Plus, it just didn’t feel like the right time. Maybe another time, perhaps.

So a very unexpected yet very welcome turn of events!


All my love,

Violet xx


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21 thoughts on “Dominant sex and an unexpected epiphany

  1. AC @ The Cracked Lens

    I loved reading this and seeing how all of that is coming along. There is something very primal when it comes to biting, and very passionate too. It never fails to put me into the right headspace myself.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. collaredmichael

    Self discovery is a wonderful thing particularly if two people are doing it together. And trust me, the paddle will be felt a great deal more on bare skin! Been there done that…😜

    Liked by 1 person

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