A Thorough Education Indeed (Short Story. NSFW)

Francesca pursed her lips and inhaled through her nose. She fiddled her pen in between her fingers, trying desperately to focus on her notes and the presentation in front of her…not the handsome man teaching it.

Mateo led the seminar as he usually did, eloquently listing his points gesturing over the interactive whiteboard. He exuded a laid back confidence over the small class that made him approachable and respected, something Francesca had always liked in people…and something that tore at her resolve now.

She cursed herself inside as Mateo wrapped up the seminar with his usual charming grin. A mature student with a crush on a lecturer? Yeah, real mature, Francesca. Real bloody mature.

“Ok guys, I’ll see you on Monday!” He smiled. Quickly, she slipped her notebook in to her bag and stood up.


A nervous jolt shot through her body as she looked up to see Mateo. She took in his coffee brown eyes, russet skin, his head of full, onyx hair and trimmed beard. The blue jeans and white shirt fit him beautifully, the top button undone and sleeves rolled halfway up his solid forearms. She gave a slight smile of acknowledgement attempting to look normal. Her attraction had grown so that at times she could barely look at him.

“Yes?” she squeaked.

“Could I speak with you for a moment?” he asked, polite yet with a firmness that she didn’t want to question. When the other students filed out she closed the door. The air was thick and she slowly lowered her bag to the floor as she leaned against a desk closer to Mateo, who was doing the same with the desk at the front.

“So,” Francesca began, “What can I do for you?”

Mateo had his arms folded and looked down at her contemplatively. Silence. He was trying to figure out exactly what to say. With every second that passed, the more a dark panic rose in Francesca’s belly.

“Have I done something wrong?” Francesca offered. If she was going to get a chastising, she’d rather get it over and done with. But Mateo’s dark brows merely furrowed. He stared down at her quizzically and shook his head.

“What? No! Nothing like that,” he said, before huffing a breathless laugh, “In fact, quite the opposite. I read your latest chapter and I have to say I’m very impressed.”

Francesca’s eyes widened. Mateo had kindly agreed to read some of her novel that she was working on. He was an experienced writer, intelligent and frankly, the only person she could trust to give an honest opinion without poking fun at her for writing a medieval romance.

“You are?” she asked.

“Very!” Mateo smiled lazily at her. Francesca felt her stomach flip, “The part when Lady Eliza had to give her baby over to the father’s family? You nearly made a grown man cry!”

Francesca couldn’t help but laugh along with him. That down to earth nature was what she admired about him. She was certain he could see the scarlet flush bubbling in her cheeks, but prayed he hadn’t. She didn’t want to give herself away.

“Thank you,” she shyly turned her eyes down to the carpet, “I’m happy you liked it.”

“There was one thing, though.”

Francesca’s ear pricked up.


“The love scene between Lady Eliza and Jacob the stable man…” he casually ran a hand over his beard, tucking his other in to his jean pocket, “I feel it needs more…passion.”

“Oh?” Now it was Francesca’s turn to furrow her brows, “What did you have in mind, exactly?”

“There’s so much sexual tension, electricity between them…” Mateo stepped forward towards her, holding her gaze, “That when they do share that moment, I feel it needs to be…explosive.”

He was so close, mere inches from her. Francesca could feel the warmth radiate from his chest. Her entire body stiffened as he stared down at her warmly. She was so close she could see the gold in his eyes and noticed the slight salt and pepper flecks in his beard.

They stayed there for what felt like a lifetime, when he gently brushed a stray lock of her hair behind her ear. She couldn’t contain the sharp breath that filled her lungs and his gaze softened.

“I feel the same, Francesca…” he murmured with a little smile, “I always have.”

All the breath in Francesca’s body left her and her face fell.

“You have?”

Her words were barely above a whisper. She could barely breathe as Mateo inched ever closer, stroking a hand tenderly through her hair and rest his other on her hip.

“Yes…” His forehead touched hers, their breaths mixing. She felt the magnetic touch of his thumb stroke against her lip, before his lips rained down on hers.

Mateo’s lips were soft against hers, gentle yet burning with a passionate undercurrent she ached for more of. She cupped his strong jaw with both her hands, deepening their kiss, feeling his big arms snake round her waist, pulling him smack against his solid body.

Their hands roamed the other; hers through his soft hair, his splaying across her back, moving down to her buttocks with a strong squeeze. Francesca gasped against his lips, feeling his arousal pressing against her. Together, they grappled at his shirt, throwing it to the floor. Mateo branded one intoxicating kiss after another on her, when suddenly he grabbed her hips, lifting her on to the table.

He prowled up her skirt, pulling it above her hips while she hurriedly unbuckled his belt, yanking down his jeans. She felt the buttons of her shirt loosen, the cups of her bra tugging down and she bit down hard on her lip, fighting the unchaste groan in her throat as Mateo’s lips clamped around her nipples, flicking his tongue skilfully back and forth.

Hermosa…” he growled. He pulled up raggedly to capture her mouth once again, spreading her legs apart with his thighs, pushing her underwear to the side when he sunk deep inside her.

Francesca melted against his body as he took her hard on the desk. Every deep, passionate stroke sent her mind in a whirlwind, the romantic words groaned in her ear making her exquisite pleasure pool between her thighs.

Mateo’s dominance over her sizzled under her skin. He revelled in her hooded eyes, those blushing cheeks, her full breasts crushing against his chest as he rocked her hips against his. Dios, he’d wanted her for so long, he was going to make sure she knew it.

Te quiero, querida…” he groaned, “Te quiero…”

Francesca’s hips bowed and she clung to him for dear life as she split apart in his arms.

Oh my God…Mateo!” she cried. His climax soon followed, ringing primal grunts in her ears and collapsing atop her. When their panting subsided, Francesca cradled his head in her hands.

“Shall I write it like that?” she giggled. Mateo let out a laugh and grinned down at her.

Si, hermosa…” he kissed her softly, “Just like that.”




Violet Grey

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest.

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