Jaguar Nights

The plush leather seats cushioned them

Hands firmly gripping her peachy ass

Dress above her hips, trousers to his knees

Straddled over him in the backseat of his car

A moment longer was one too long

A passion too strong before they grabbed for each other

Her slick walls hugging around him

Bouncing wildly as she took her pleasure

He pines every inch of her

Uncaring of the primal cries, the groans

Rumbling, grating in their heated love

The sting of his hand smacking her ass

As she rocked harder, clenching round him

Her desperate moans for more music to his soul

Smack! Gripping her hips and holding her still

Pumping, fire colliding within him

Harder…” she begs him

A fistful of hair pulling her still, giving her all of him

Smack! How he loved to smack that firm ass

Smack! How sweetly she cried as her climax hit

Smack! Smack! SMACK!

Flames consume him, the rush euphoric

Harsh grunts, his seed inside her

Makes her come all over again


Violet Grey

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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