Periods: Those Moments We Know All Too Well

Apologies to those who saw this post half-finished at 3am this morning, I was half asleep and pressed the wrong button like the zombie I was at that time, having one of those nights where I just couldn’t sleep! 😂 Anyways, here’s the finished version! Enjoy!

The cramps.

Just everything about cramps. Everything ranging from a dull ache to feeling like your uterus is trying to tear you to pieces.

Mood swings

Ahh mood swings. You’re happy one second, blackout angry the next, to depressed, to horny, to feeling convinced your partner doesn’t love you anymore. Honey, we’ve all been there!

Feeling very, VERY horny

For some folks, their sex drive lowers. For others, it rises. I’m in the latter group. Trust me, that thing skyrockets.

Screw everything else, the only thing you can think of is jumping your partner the second they get through the door…then times that feeling by about 100…

But not being able to have sex because the cramps are too painful.

One a scale of one to Dante’s Inferno, how frustrated and tortured do you feel right now?

Not being able to decide if you want food or sex.

Priorities, people!

Or the thought of sex thoroughly repulsing you.

Admittedly during that time, it’s just too painful. So nope, nope and…nope.

Not sharing your food with anyone. ANYONE!!

Once my hormones were that bad, I got so territorial over a Krispy Kreme doughnut only a Planet Earth scene could rival it.

Breakouts. Need I say more?

Hot water bottles, pyjamas, bed and copious amount of carbs and chocolate are your best friends.

Or, “building a nest” as my boyfriend calls it 😂

Weird cravings

Because it doesn’t just happen in pregnancy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll return to my salmon and chocolate cake together, thank you…

“Period brain” is a thing

Like “pregnancy brain” where we can get forgetful, that can happen for some of us on our periods too.

That period that shows up 2 weeks early

For around 18 months I had very irregular cycles. For around six weeks my periods came every two weeks (God, that was rough) Got checked over by my doctors and thankfully nothing was wrong. Bodies definitely do weird things! 😵

And that one period that never shows up

The phantom that leaves us wondering if we’re pregnant…even if we haven’t had sex that month…which then leads to the split-second irrational thought that we are pregnant and it’s a modern day Immaculate Conception.

That and enough pregnancy tests to invest shares in Clearblue until it does decide to show up 😒

All my love,

Violet xx


5 thoughts on “Periods: Those Moments We Know All Too Well

  1. CimmerianSentiment

    Right! To all of that. And I love, love, love all of those GIF’s. Stitch slays me he’s stupid kinds of cute, and Teal’c with the ice cream – classic. For some reason I turn out more QDSS’s within the three days before my uterus goes to war for my audacity to not get pregnant.

    Liked by 1 person

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