Put Your Feet Up

In the BDSM/kink/fetish communities, foot fetishism, worship etc. is a HUGE one. In studies taken on fetishism, feet is shown to be one of the most common.

If you’re on FetLife, a porn site or anything kink related on the internet, there are entire pages, message boards, forums and communities all dedicated solely (no pun intended) to foot fetishism.

I’m definitely no expert on this (or any kink related subject for that manner!) nor am I a foot fetishist myself, so I can’t speak with any amount of authority on the subject, but I did read a fascinating article on foot fetishism (both sexual and non-sexual) in Psychology Today, which is linked if you want to have a look.

I read an excerpt from a book called Men Who Love (a recent purchase  from a second-hand book shop in yesterday’s countryside outing) published in 1980. The book covers different sections of sexual fantasies and male sexuality etc. covering things like anal sex, transvestitism, sharing and acting out fantasies and sadomasochism.


This excerpt was of a man known as, “Vince”, a twenty-two year old man detailing his love and fetish of a woman’s naked feet and it was so interesting to read! He talks about how he’d love to give foot massages, kissing, licking and worshipping the feet, as well as how the aesthetic of a woman’s arched foot in a pair on heels drives him crazy.

Reading his very frank account of his fetish, I do see there is a certain beauty and eroticism about the aesthetic appearance of a pair of heels or a pointe ballet shoe that I can definitely appreciate. It’s heightened, it’s in materials that many find to be a fetish in and of itself such as satin or PVC etc.

The concept of foot fetishism is certainly an interesting one and one I’m for finding out more about.

Do any of you have a particular leaning towards feet? If so, what is it about them that appeals so much to you?

Feel free to leave me a comment if it’s something you’re comfortable with sharing. Like I said before, I want to maintain my page as a place to discuss sex, sexuality etc. as a positive, stigma-free space!

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Violet xx

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13 thoughts on “Put Your Feet Up

  1. porngirl3

    I have an almost neurotic obsession with having my feet be pretty and my largest expense for my play clothes is definitely my shoes. All this said I’ve never had the pleasure of being with anyone that wanted to worship my feet beyond me and the nail salon techs. Lol. So sad!!! 😝😉😞

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      1. Marcella Dane

        Agreed, I was full of questions at the time. He was a good sport about answering them too. Then, off we went and I did my best to fulfill his needs. It seemed to go well and he keeps in touch.

        I’m doing great and hope you are too. 🙂

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