Good Girls Say Yes Review

So I told you I’ve been reading up on a couple of books recently and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll see that I’ve been reading a book called Good Girls Say Yes by Penny Wylder.

Just a little disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links. And as this is a review, spoiler alert!

Emma is attending her best friend Lily’s wedding who she hasn’t seen in a two years. But there’s a catch: she finds out what the “alternative” in the wedding invitation really means. Her best friend is a submissive and her new husband is a Dom.

At the wedding, Emma meets Matthew, a close friend of Lily’s new hubby. Like his friend, Matthew is also in the lifestyle as a Dom, known to the rest of the scene as “Master Matthew”.

They are instantly attracted to each other but during one of their discussions, Emma insists she is not submissive. Matthew is convinced she is. So they strike a deal. 3 days at Master Matthew’s home in a D/s arrangement. If she finds she is submissive, the arrangement continues for another thirty days. If she isn’t a sub, Matthew gives her $100,000 for her trouble.

Convinced she’s got the money in the bag, Emma agrees. But when she is with him, Emma finds not submitting to the charismatic Master Matthew a lot harder than she thought…

What did I think?

For a bit of kinky escapist fantasy, I rather enjoyed it. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I got halfway through this book within a morning. Albeit, it may not be one of the pinnacle D/s classics of our time but it was definitely a fun read and one I’ll probably go back to.

You can see Penny Wylder definitely did some research in to the topic, heavily emphasising the basis of love, trust and respect as a foundation in a D/s arrangement. She captured that with the depiction of different couples referenced in the book, both M/f and F/m.

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive about how Matthew would be portrayed. I’ve read quite a few of these stories where the Dom is all, “You’ll do what I say and I’ll punish you when you don’t.” essentially just being a massive, controlling jerk and the lady then deciding she loves it.

I think this was the first one I read where the Dom was just…normal. No baggage, no “if this hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be in to this” narrative where the Dom is then “cured” of his Dom-ness by the end 😒 He’s a Dom because he likes it.

Even without the D/s, the two have a very strong chemistry and romantic feelings begin to form for one another pretty quickly as their D/s goes on. The story does take a deeper turn there routing in to Emma’s past and why she has understandable insecurities about being a submissive.

Also, big thing I was happy about: they negotiate! They actually negotiate!! And aftercare is in there!

After a reading a scary amount of books where that doesn’t happen, I admit I let out an audible, “FINALLY!” when I read that scene 😂 What I loved about that, was that it showed Matthew as a caring guy who doesn’t want to spank the shit out of a sub if she doesn’t want it.

He’s always very adamant that he’s never going to do anything they haven’t agreed to. In one scene, when Emma panics and uses her safe word, all action immediately stops and he’s checking in, looking after her and making sure she’s ok.

Also, the sex is creative and damn hot! Put it this way: If Master Matthew was my Dom, I would not be mad! 😂

Having said that, I would have liked to have seen a more in depth negotiation. It was covered in the book almost like a brief overview and given that Emma is the newest a new sub can be, personally I would have liked to have seen more of that.

It would have given a little more context to certain happenings in the book I.e. punishments and specifically tailored aftercare. As well I would have liked to see how the D/s progresses more in depth at certain points in the book.

If you’re interested have a gander at the book. It’s definitely not one to be taken ultra seriously, is a good escapist read and is a good bit of fun. Warning: cold showers may be needed after multiple chapters.

Nice one, Penny! 😘

All my love,

Violet xx

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