Being His

Under him
Solid, dominant prowess
Claiming my lips in fiery kisses
I moan in to his mouth
Feverish need takes over
I clamber at his shirt
He clambers at my skirt
Possessive hands pining
Over my wanting hips
My aching breasts
Exploring every inch
No skin left untouched
Moving his hand lower, lower…
Pleasured cries silenced by unrelenting lips
Stubble scraping hard against my cheek
Pinning my hands above my head
I arch my back under raw male desire
All I want is him and him me
His eyes meet mine
Staring deep in to my naked soul
Ripping open my shirt
Searing lips claiming my body
Like a thirst never to be quenched
Clothes tear
Lips swell
Passion consumes us
Body and soul
He sinks inside me
All thought is lost
All that remains is taste and touch
Powerful hips
Smoothly riding
I surrender ecstatic
A willing slave to his desire
My ravaged body panting
Guttural moans in my neck
He throws his head back
Crying out my name above me
My body and mind swirls
Buzzing in the whirlwind
Of an ethereal space, floating high
As each breath quakes through
My sweating, aching body



Violet Grey

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture credit – Pinterest

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