In the chilly autumn night
Heat roars and brims
Over svelte curves
Rose, silken nightdress clings and skims
How I long, my dear
To lay my lips on those flushed, pink cheeks
My hand to knead and mould
Against those soft peaks
A single look from pooling, ocean eyes
And to my knees, you bring me
Burying my head in your womanly frame
Pure adoration, heavenly
Feather light hands run through my hair
From my mouth after so long, my love does profess
To your knees, you join me
Clasping my fingers around your swollen breast
Breath catches in my throat
Satin sliding under my circling thumb
Peak growing harder at my touch
Electric shocks fire, not a sense numb
Your beautiful eyes pour, “I feel the same…” you say
Sweet lips I’ve wanted so long to kiss, brush against mine
I can’t take any more, lips rain down
Relentless, unforgiving, tongues serpentine
Around me, your silky limbs wind
Aphrodite lips blessing mine, fervent and bright
Passion slow burn to blistering volcanic
As we make love throughout the night…


Violet Grey
Copyright, 2017 –  Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Bloglovin’/Pinterest

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