Pleasing Sir

Hair nuzzling against his muscular thigh
She takes him in her soft mouth
He sucks in a breath through gritted teeth
At her tongue on his skin
Licking and teasing his swollen crown
Arousal tall and proud
Soft fingers stroke up and down
He gazes down, taking her in
Hypnotized by her beauty
Lingerie clad body
Suspenders hanging down slender thighs
Mahogany curls piled at the top of her pretty head
Sensually bobbing at Sir’s feet
Knees grow weak
At the gentle kiss against his head
Chest rises and falls, breath grows heavy
Hands grip tight in her hair
Divine sighs at his pleasure
Pulling her deeper
Thrusting faster
Animal need for her insatiable
Grabbing at his buttocks, she guides him on
Unravelling for her, harsh grunts
Holy to her ears
He gazes down hazily
She stares up, feline eyes triumphant
Her gorgeous mouth round around him
Eager to please Sir
To him, a beautiful sight to see

Violet Grey
Copyright, 2017 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest

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