Ramblings: Growing out my natural hair colour

In my last Life update I wrote about taking better care of myself after a recent rough patch. That involved eating healthier, yoga/pilates and using more natural skincare (less chemicals, and preferably from cruelty free companies).

This includes my hair. After dying my hair an array of colours since I was 16, I’ve made the decision to grow out my natural hair colour.

I haven’t dyed my hair in almost around 6/7 months. Naturally, my hair is like a dark brunette colour. It has copper and auburn tones and shines auburn in sunlight (the picture of the model below is the closest to how it looks naturally). For the last few years, I’ve kept my hair dark whenever I dyed it (shop bought box dye) as I had tried to go lighter in the past but it didn’t suit.


For a while, I had black hair and I loved it. But after a while I wanted to go back to dark brown, as I’m very pale and wanted a bit of warmth back in my features. I’d used colour rewind products to take the dye out of my hair but the colour on the ends wouldn’t come out. Because I had dyed it continuously, the colour builds up. And black hair dye is an absolute nightmare to get out!

So I made the decision last year to give my hair a break, and get the majority of the black dye cut off. It’s now below my shoulders and though there is some darker dye at the ends, it is barely noticeable as my natural hair is fairly dark.

So once it gets long enough, the rest of that is coming off and well on the way to completely natural hair.

My scalp and hair in general is starting to feel better for not using chemicals and what not on it. I have a sensitive scalp, which a few months ago got inflamed, causing some minor hair loss (more shedding than was normal for me).

It’s ok now (with the help of some medicated shampoo from the doctor) but that heavily influenced my decision to stop using dyes and embrace my natural hair colour. I very rarely use straighteners/curling irons on my hair and never use hairspray unless it’s absolutely needed i.e. for a show.

I didn’t think I’d like my natural colour after not seeing it for so long, but it’s been lovely to see the brunette with natural auburn undertones again! I actually prefer it to the other colours I’ve had (although dark chocolate was lovely hair colour!) So hopefully, doing this will be better for me in the long term.

So, I’m ditching the dye and going au naturel!


All my love,

Violet xx


*Picture –  Models – therighthairstyles.com/quoteslodge.com /Pinterest






10 thoughts on “Ramblings: Growing out my natural hair colour

    1. I remember I saw the picture you put up, looks amazing by the way! 🙂 Nothing wrong with that! 🙂 In fact a lot of people are actually starting to dye their hair grey now ( I was tempted to try it but my hair’s too dark and maintenance would have cost an arm and leg! xD) x

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      1. Sweetgirl

        Yes I know… It’s possible that eventually I would have that wonderful brilliant white hair (my gran did) but it’s the in between bit lol … I think when I’m a millionaire, living miles away from everything, surrounded by my rescued cats, kittens, and dogs with nothing and no-one to impress (ie work colleagues) I’d stop colouring my hair and see what happened lol… Until then… I’ll remain artificially accented!!

        Of course if MrH made a ruling that I wasn’t allowed to ??? I don’t know what I’d think of that…

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      2. A millionaire with kittens and dogs?! Can I join you? Lol! xD It would be nice to be able to use colour again if I wanted to, but that won’t be happening for a long time yet, if it all. So if I do start going grey by my mid-20s I’ll try my best not to freak out haha! xD

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  1. collaredmichael

    I died my hair for about 10-12 years. I started to go grey and thought I was too young. As time went on, beside the added expense and time to do it, my scalp would burn like crazy every time. That couldn’t be good for me, so when my Queen said stop dyeing it, it was an easy command to follow. Now I am fashionably grey. lol. I also only use products from the health food stores now. Don’t need all those toxic chemicals if I can help it!!

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    1. Same! Every time I dyed it or used the colour rewind stuff it would burn and be really irritated. Thank you, that’s very kind! 🙂 I suppose when I was that age I just wanted to experiment and see what worked. But as I’ve got older (ripe old age of 23 haha! xD) aside from seeing the natural colour again it just made more sense not putting all that crap on my hair if it was causing that much damage. x

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