Life update: Yoga and natural hair colour update

I put in one of my last life updates that I was wanting to work to take better care of myself.

One of the things I mentioned was yoga. I was first introduced to yoga when I was 12 and I’ve loved it ever since. So I wanted to make it a regular fixture for me along with pilates.

So far it has really been helping. I can start my day more calmly and clear headed. I’ve had a bout of anxiety and depression over the last few days and it’s really helped to pick me back up to my usual self again 😊

I play some relaxing music on my phone (A YouTube channel called Yellow Brick Cinema. I highly recommend to anyone looking for relaxing music. This channel is amazing!) while I usually do between 30-45 minutes of yoga/pilates.

It’s been helping to loosen up my back a bit (I’ve been having some back and neck pain of late) and getting in to shape after gaining a few pounds over the winter 😊

I’m feeling more productive, usually getting the majority of my housework done by mid-morning so I can fully focus on the day ahead of me.

Also, my natural hair colour’s coming along nicely 😊 I stopped dying my hair a couple of months ago and now I can see it quite clearly! My hair’s naturally dark brown with some copper and auburn tones so unless you’re really looking, it doesn’t look majorly different.

I’ve got about 2 inches of black dye left on the ends and some tones of a dark brown dye above (barely noticeable) The length is now halfway down my chest. So by the time summer comes around (fingers crossed!) it should be long enough to completely cut the last of the dye off 😊 Then I’ll be completely natural for the foreseeable future!

So now after a day of work I’m having a pretty relaxed evening. Planet Earth and a nice cup of tea, can’t really go wrong there! πŸ˜‚

All my love,

Violet xx

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