On Her Knees

Deep, ragged breaths in clouds of lust
Beneath him, she licks and sucks
Pleasuring him like no other has before
Fistfuls of her silken hair, he pulls gently
Soft, muffled sighs, sweet music in his ears

Hips rock, head falls back in open mouthed submission
She takes her time, beautiful head slowly bobbing
Sweet kiss on the tip threatening to undo him
Hips rock, tingles shooting through his needing self
He guides her deeper

Soft hands splaying across his strong thighs
Taking him with her eager mouth
Plump lips teasing, tongue swirling in erotic dance
Clawing at his shredded control
Slowly being stripped away

He needs her now, but doesn’t want it to end
On her knees for him, he can’t look away



Violet Grey
Copyright, 2017 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest


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