Tech mix up!

There was a bit of a mix up re: recent posts. Technology being what it is decided to publish half finished posts! 😫 A post in my draft folder re: Eroticon was one in the draft file I forgot to delete. For more details, see the Eroticon 2019 post in my home page/archives 😊

The Switch Up (Flash Fiction. NSFW)

They grappled at each other's clothes, tearing at the fibres while their lips crashed against each other. With a hard slam he pinned her against the wall, grabbing fistfuls of her skirt and yanking it up. She desperately unbuckled his belt, almost ripping the zipper, pulling his trousers to his knees. Off came the shirts, …

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Dominant, not domineering

Dominance is a recurring theme throughout nature and mankind. A person can assert dominance as the manager of a company. The strongest lion shows their dominance as alpha of the pack with roaring, flexing and a harem of females with whom to mate and reproduce with. Someone indirectly showing dominance through confidence and/or respect earned …

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