Love. Tease. Deny

CONTENT NOTE: Femdom Erotica.

The two of you are mine. You give yourselves freely to me. You shared with me your fantasies, of being used, being made to watch while I’m given pleasure, being denied…

My good subs, the two men I adore, ask so politely…How could I say no?

So many toys, so much to play with. The one who wants to watch, David, is secured leather straps around his wrists, shoulders, ankles and hips. He can’t move even if he wants to, and he loves it. 

‘Are you comfortable, baby?’ I ask. 

‘Yes, Goddess,’ David says. With a smile, I place a soft kiss on his lips.


Taking the machine, I lube up the sleeve that’s going to gently milk his cock. Effortlessly it slides on to him, and I switch the machine on. The soft whirr fills our ears as the sleeve slowly starts to move. A small, low moan vibrates in his throat. 

‘Does that feel good?’ 

He blushes 

‘Yes, Goddess.’ 

I was going to muzzle him, but I decided against it. As much as I love his adorable, muffled whimpers, I want to hear him beg when he watches my other sub, Mark, fuck me. How he’ll wish it was him, and how he’ll drift in to subspace when he’s teased, and finally denied. 

I take Mark’s hand. He’s naked, and of course hard, waiting for me to put him just where I want to. 

‘On your knees,’ I order. 

He obeys, kneeling on the soft carpet as I sit back in my favourite. Here I have the perfect view of them both. Parting my legs, I run my fingers through Mark’s soft hair, guiding his lips to my pussy.

Mark’s tongue slides through my lips, tenderly kissing my clit. Mark is so good with his mouth, so I like to make use of it whenever I can. I glance over at David.

His knuckles are already white, hands scrunched into fists as his muscles grow taut and defined against the restraints. His chest rises and falls, his hips desperately trying to rock against the machine, eyes desperate as he watches Mark work that gorgeous mouth.
‘Having fun?’ I smile.

His eyes are fluttered closed, a cute whimper rippling against his lips.

‘Yes Goddess…’

I pull Mark’s head harder against me as he slips his tongue inside me, lapping at my nectar with a desperate moan.

‘You’re so beautiful, Goddess,’ he groans.

My head rests against the chair as he sinks his tongue deeper inside me. David whimpers. He sounds close. Not for long, though. Remote in my hand, I switch the machine off. A smile pulls at my lips. Time to hear him beg. 

‘Ohh, Goddess!’ David cries, his eyes scrunching closed tight. ‘Goddess, please! I’m so close!’ 

Sitting up, I guide Mark up to my lips, pulling him into gentle kiss and tasting myself on my tongue. My eyes lock with David’s. They’re wide, his cock raging hard in the sleeve. It’s so cute how hard he’s trying to move his hips faster, but can’t. I’ll give him points for effort, though. Taking Mark’s hardened, fleshy cock in my hands, I spread my legs.

‘You want to fuck me, Mark?’ 

He sucks in a sharp breath through his teeth, running his fingertips over my inner thighs. 

‘Yes, Goddess…’  

With that, I slide him inside me. Mark moans loud. It’s been a while since I let him fuck me with the prospect of release. I’ve denied him for a month and he’s so desperate to come. He grips at my hips, thrusting fast and hard, grunting how thankful he is for letting him make love to me. All the while, my eyes are locked with David’s, having him watch as I switch the machine back on. This time? It’s fast. 

He shakes against the straps, panting as he tries hard to restrain himself from climax. Mark grunts, using his thumb to massage my clit. My breasts bounce against the force of our hips slamming against the other. He’s not going to last much longer. 

‘Don’t you wish this was you, David?’ I groan, gripping Mark’s solid forearm. 

‘Yes Goddess…Please! I’m so close! I need to come!’ 

I switch the machine off, mid-stroke. He whimpers. I laugh. 

‘If you come, you’ll be in chastity for another week…Argh fuck, Mark! ‘ I clench around him, getting close myself. ‘You don’t want that, do you David?’ 

David frantically shakes his head. Mark’s hips start to jerk. 

‘Goddess…’ he pants. ‘I’m going to come…’ 

Harsh grunts echo above me. David’s begging echoes in my ears. With a nod of permission, Mark finally let’s go, and I switch David’s machine off, so he can watch what he can’t have. 

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