Suspended In Time

It’s a strange feeling, being suspended in rope. The soles of my feet tingle with the unfamiliarity of not being permanently bonded to the ground. I feel I should be falling back to the earth, yet I do not.

I’m secured in a harness of hemp, suspended from a metal ring. I feel like I’m floating, restrained yet comfortable. A hammock of knots made just for me.

His hands runs down my bound arms, over my waist and round my shoulders, enveloping me in a warm, safe embrace. He knows I need this. I have to feel his touch while I’m still new to this. His hands guide me, lead me down the path I’m so eager to explore yet scared of the new territory.

‘How are you feeling, sweetheart?’ he softly kisses my forehead, ‘Are you still comfortable?’

‘Yes Sir.’ I say, ‘ I could fall asleep right here to be honest.’

He chuckles and kisses me again.

‘No falling asleep right now.’ he murmurs in my ear, gently tracing his hands over my shoulders, ‘I’ll keep my hands on you and we can fall asleep later. Would you like that?’

‘Yes please.’

On he kept tracing his hands over the smooth skin of my body, down my legs, massaging my feet and toes until I was ready to come down. I asked if I could keep my arms tied behind my back as we cuddled when I came to the ground. He said yes.

I love being in his arms when I’m all but helpless in the rope he’s so beautifully tied me in. I soak in the rise and fall of our chests, the warmth of his chest against my back, each feather light kiss in the sweet spot of my neck as he teases my nipples with his fingers.

He slides his hand in between my legs, teasing my clit in sweet, slow circles. Whispering those words that make me melt into his arms, he keeps me at the edge for a long while before he growls, “Come for me…”Β 

My release is exquisite, honey sweet. I barely notice him untying me until I felt the comforting fluff of a blanket wrapped around my aching limbs, and softly brought into his arms.


Masturbation Monday


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