The Sex Dream Diaries

I’ve had an idea.


Last night I had yet another sex dream. I have a lot of them. Basically my dream state is one horny little fucker so I figured why not write on the internet about it?

I’ll be keeping to the sexy bits, minus the weird Salvador Dali bits of my dreams where  none of it makes any sense. You know…as dreams do.

And seeing as I have that many of them, I had an idea to make it into a series. *Drum roll…symbol smash!* The Sex Dream Diaries.

Watch this space for posts coming soon!

All my love,

Violet xx

7 thoughts on “The Sex Dream Diaries

  1. collaredmichael

    I don’t remember most of my dreams but sometimes they stay with me. If I jot them down on awaking, I can keep them. Otherwise they are gone before you can blink.

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  2. Raven Lee

    With your dreams being so vivid and being able to remember them so well, you might be one step away from levelling up into “lucid dreaming” – actually gaining some level of control over them. Exciting!

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