My goodness have I had my fair share of roller coaster hormones!

I mentioned in one of my last posts that I’ve currently gone two and a half months without a period, four months after coming off the pill.

I’ve tested negative on pregnancy tests and am prone to irregular cycles. The hormones that come with it are well…quite something!

Aside from crazy chocolate cravings, the longer time goes on sans menstrual cycle, the more my hormones tick over.

I remember once about two years ago I’d gone around two months without one as well, and my hormones were insane. Put it this way, I was so territorial over a Krispy Kreme doughnut I’d bought that I was surprised David Attenborough wasn’t narrating in the background! πŸ˜‚

The antidepressants I take certainly help take the edge off my anxiety, so that does help when PMS time comes around. I’ll openly admit before medication when that time of the month came I was an absolute nightmare to be around.

So far, mainly I feel teary and unbelievabably unattractive. It’s a task to feel pretty and sexy when you ache, cramp, and retaining water in your lower belly you feel like a bloated mess! That’s one up from how well, not sexy or attractive I feel most of the time. While I preach about feeling comfortable in your own skin, I’m not good at following my own advice.

Despite all that however, I have work and studies to attend to, so I’ve got to put my big girl pants on and soldier on those days when PMS plays up and I either want to rip someone’s head off for no logical reason, or bawl my eyes out over a Compare The Market advert!

All my love,

Violet xx


14 thoughts on “Ovary-acting

  1. collaredmichael

    You sound a lot like my Queen! When she finally has her hysterectomy the periods will go and hopefully some of the tremendous mood swings! It can be pretty dangerous at times! lol

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