Goddess Worship

I run my fingers over my slick, wet folds
Wishing you were, wishing it was your sweet tongue
I yearn to have your curves on top of mine
The soft swell of your breasts in my hands
Silken, caramel tresses through my fingers
Dusted powder rose lace graces soft, olive skin
I yearn to have your lips on mine
Smooth legs intertwined
Work my fingers inside your sweet pussy
As you devour mine with delicious strokes of your tongue
Clutching strong thighs either side of my head
Worshipping yours, so plump and perfect
Both floating to ecstasy
Serenaded by each other’s moans
How I wish you were here, my gorgeous goddess

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet. All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Melanie Glucksman/Pinterest

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