Christmas Gift

Get your sexy ass over here
I’ve got a special gift for you
Ask and you shall receive, my love
Catch your luscious bottom lip between my teeth
And suck
You love it when I do that
Your growls and desperately grabbing my hips say so
Fiddling the tie of my coat
Letting it smoothly slip off to the floor
Remember that little number we saw?
Translucent, lacy corset
Garter belts, stockings
You said in passing would suit me
Matched my hair, brought out my eyes
Breasts free and oiled just for you
Well here it is
Let’s see how long you can last
Before this expensive lace shreds off my limbs
And primal, animal instinct consumes you
Time starts now, love
A slight brush of my lips on yours leaving you raging
Jeans tight, groaning to touch
But not allowed
You agreed to this game
And I’m a keen player, my love
Let’s begin, I giggle
Merry Christmas


© 2018 – Life of Violet. All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest

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