Soothing sensual caress

Of your skin against mine

Whispered verses in my mind

Of a love so divine

Here my love we lie, Goddess Moon our light

Silver shining aglow and bright

Sheathed in protective arms that grip me tight

The Wolf, they call you, my knight

Revered, a leader I adore

Sensuous naked forms under sheets alight

Beast with two backs, night winds rustle

Nature our ambience

Our tent thin cover of elements amight

I give myself to you

All of me a gift I make yours

In rampant heat, your desire roars

Puncture the cold air with our primal cries

I long for you the rest of my life

For your eyes to grace mine

Your hand to guide me

Your arms to protect me

Your heart to love me

To be your lady, your wife

To one day carry your child

Joyful tears blur my eyes, staining my cheeks

If this be a dream I never wish to wake

A love consumated so pure I never should forget

I am yours for as I long as I draw breath.


Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet – Violet Grey

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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