The Black Dog’s Howl

Laughter surrounds me, yet emptiness in the pit of my belly plagues me
I lay safe and protected in your arms, yet I am forlorn
Smiles and happiness permeate my life, yet the hollow feel of a dead soul inside am I
Not a care in the world, yet the black dog’s howl roars supreme in my core today
Unable to feel, yet feel so damn much
Alone, yet haunted by dark clouds’ merciless chatter
Shapeshifting demons with words of Hell
He will show me no love, he will show me no mercy
So e’er a day I hear the war cry of the black dog
I don my armour and unsheath my sword
To fight each battle, so I can one day
Win the war.

© 2018 – Life of Violet – Violet Grey
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest

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