It was just like every other night

Summer’s blinding glare now dispersed from the air

Colder nights, greyer days

Russet, golden, vermillion leaves

Scratching against stone under

Spiked chills of the breeze’s current

The stars punctured the clear night sky

Lying cocooned among warm, thick blankets

We gawped and admired

Pointing shapes and constellations

Illuminated my Sister Moon and the crackling log fire

I must have dozed off against your jumper

My oldest friend

While you enthralled and soothed me

With your stories of knights and warlocks

Of which the stars tell

I woke from my slumber entangled in your arms

Roused, you rested your gaze upon me

As if you had for years

Ocean bright eyes glowing celestial as the stars themselves

To tenderly stroke a strand of hair from my face

“Morning…” I whispered

Your blanketed embrace tightened around me

It just felt so…right

“Morning.” Your velvety deep voice rasped

Casting my senses alight

Yet calming my manic heart to a sentient flutter

Igniting supernova so sweetly within my longing soul

As you brought your lips gently down to mine.


Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet – Violet Grey

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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