You ask me what is wrong, Sir?
Why I seem not like myself?
The truth, Sir?
I crave you
I crave you like I never have before
It is true how they say
That absence makes the heart grow fonder
Since being apart
You never leave my thoughts
I count down the days to when I can see you again
I crave the feel of your hand on my skin
I crave how your eyes see straight in to my soul
I crave to kneel at you feet
For you to place my collar round my neck
To feel your husky warm energy
Permeate my soul
To feel the sting of your hand across my cheeks
The sweet tingle it gives me
Fingers caressing and claiming me
In between my wet folds
While you tell me over again
That I’m your good girl, your kitten
That you’d do anything for me
While I recite I’d do anything for you
Forgive me if I seem too bold, Sir
But the feelings I have are too strong
For me not to say
You have bewitched me and I cannot stay away
My heart is yours, my body is yours
My submission I give freely only to you
To see you again Sir, I cannot wait
I do not want to leave your side



Violet Grey

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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