Throwback Thursday: My first ever erotic poem!

This is a little trip down memory lane! 😱

When I first set up my blog last summer, I was in two minds as to whether or not to dabble in erotic poetry and get it up on a platform. I wrote it in September 2017 after I asked my very small reader base if it was something they wanted to see and they said yes.

I look back at this now and nostalgically blush with embarrassment lol. It was my first ever one so be nice! 😂

All my love,

Violet xx


Just the two of us
In your hotel room
Clinging to your broad shoulders, as you find my core
Taking me to places I’ve never been before
Your hot breath on my neck
Shivers down my spine, tingling in my limbs
You lift my skirt over my hips
Your hardness pressing against my belly
I unbuckle your belt and unbutton your shirt
I ache for your touch
I pull off your shirt, rough
You shower me with kisses
Wanting, needing, like you can’t get enough
You lift me up on the desk
And pull me close
You sink inside me
My cheeks soft and rose
I arch my back
Calling out your name
Deep, sharp thrusts sending me over the edge
Hot breath panting
Our moans echoing off the walls
Clinging to each for dear life, as we undo each other
A shuddering climax pulsing through me
A feral moan in the crook of my neck
I collapse in to your arms and you hold me close
Your hand stroking through my hair
As you pull me in for a tender kiss
Just the two of us


Violet Grey

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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