Welcome Home

Washing the last of the dishes
She gazes out in to the garden
The bright, spring sun shining gloriously
The flowers blooming
The grass green and healthy
Yet her heart is heavy
She wishes for her dear husband to come home
Six months he’s been away
Six months of sleeping alone
Six months of an aching heart and an empty void
Not able to kiss his lips, hold him close, share his bed
Missing him terribly
Counting down the days until he comes back to her
She grabs the faded towel and dries her hands
Throwing it to the side when two hands weave around her waist
She freezes
She knows those hands, worn and familiar
Warm lips whisper in her ear
“Morning, baby…”
Her heart leaps, could it be…?
She spins round and he’s there
Green eyes gaze down lovingly like he never left
This is no dream, he’s very much real
She throws herself in to his arms
His laughter at her surprise music to her
As he pulls her close in the warmest of embraces
Home is in his arms
Tears of happiness stream down her cheeks
She clings to him tightly, never wanting to let him go
Staring in to his happy, tearful eyes
Before showering him with a myriad of kisses

Welcome home, my love.


Violet Grey
Copyright, 2017 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest

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