Snow, blepharitis and a new project

Safe to say it’s been a bit snowy in the UK today. It’s been touch and go around where I live (don’t know if it’s been the same anywhere else, let me know!). One minute there’s snow on the ground and the sky’s clear, the next it’s an all out blizzard. Blue sky, blizzard, blue sky, blizzard, and so on and so forth.

So I’ve been happy to stay wrapped up in the warm with plenty of tea to see me through my day’s work!

Also, it’s been day one of treating my eyes! In my last post, I mentioned I had gone to the opticians, where I found out I’m short sighted and need distance glasses. But also, I was told I have a condition called blepharitis, which explains why I’ve been experiencing irritation in my eyes (right especially).

In short, it’s a chronic condition that can block the oil glands at the base of your eyelashes, causing inflammation, irritation, etc. This can lead to dry eyes, which I’ve also been experiencing. Symptoms disappear with treatment, but as its a recurring condition, you still have flare ups every so often.

The opticians say it’s not usually serious, but with any condition, some people have it more severe than others.Β So I’ve had to get some specialist eye drops and wipes to treat and lessen the current flare-up and reduce the inflammation.

First time using them, the relief felt pretty good, so fingers crossed the “I’ve got sand in my eye” feeling with be on its merry way soon.

But like yesterday, today’s been pretty productive. Article drafts, some more poems, short stories drafts and working on a project I’m super excited about…watch this space! πŸ˜€


All my love,

Violet xx






6 thoughts on “Snow, blepharitis and a new project

  1. Sweetgirl

    I’ve dry eyes…. Which unfortunately the laser eye surgery makes worse so I have artificial tears to pop in my eyes in a morning to add moisture… I hope your treatment helps and stays managed 😊

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