Little Glass Heart

Little glass heart sits on the ledge
Gold light, fragile cogs and silver clockwork
Radiating love to all who will see

A man picks her up, besotted by her gentle soul
Vowing to love her for all she is
Cogs twisting, clockwork spinning

Light shines brighter than ever before

Then he turns the cogs the wrong way
Her light dims, the clockwork slows
She wasn’t made for such things he wants

He grows annoyed, livid
Like a despondent child angry with its toy
He casts glass heart to the ground

Shattering to pieces while he walks remorseless

There she lies, broken and shattered
Soul bludgeoned and torn, once bright light dim
Her world turns grey and dark

Silent tears stream, dry heaving sobs
Excruciating pain, hurt and hiding
Slowly piecing her heart together again

When a gentleman passes

He sees her, taken by her gentle light
Bends down, she flinches
Terrified of being hurt again

The gentleman’s kind heart is patient and caring
His soul seeing hers
Loving her for all she is, flaws and all

He picks her up, wrapping her in the warmth of his coat
Shielding her, adoring her
Praying she’ll one day see herself the way he sees her

Nestled safe in his warmth
Showing her love, protecting her
Little glass heart’s light starts to shine again



Violet Grey

Copyright, 2017 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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