Under The City Lights

Arms draped, hands snake
Dancing under the city lights
Glasses clink, champagne pours
Laughter and libation to life

He leads her across the floor
Two become one
His crisp blue suit, his dazzling smile
Uplifts her soul like no other can

Party in full swing
A cool breeze blows in the autumn night
Holding each other close
Spinning her round, a soft giggle from her mauve lips

Chest tightens, in her timeless white dress
Rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes so full of life
She looks truly beautiful
How he longs to kiss her, press his lips against hers

Show her how much he cherishes her
He vowed inside, tonight would be the night he tells her
Looking down at her, nestled against him
Soft hand against his chest

Slow dancing to ethereal voices singing about love
He’s never felt so happy, so proud
Like a king who’s found his queen
Tonight, he will tell her how she makes him feel

Dancing together under the city lights



Violet Grey

Copyright, 2017 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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