At First Sight

Dancing in the country fields
The concert in full swing
Couples smile, friends laugh
All joined by the music they love

Singers in ball caps playing, I sing along
The air filled with Southern voices and guitars
A gentle breeze through my hair
Clapping my hands to the music

Then I see you

Walking through the crowds
Faded t-shirt, leather jacket, worn boots, cream coloured Stetson
No one bothers you, they respect you
I’ve just seen you on stage, singing the songs I’ve heard on the radio

Your eyes meet mine
I blush and look away
Singing along to the burly man on stage
When you squeeze through the crowd to me

Introducing yourself

I quash the butterflies in my stomach
At your handsome smile and kind eyes
We soon forget the music, talking for hours
Enthralled in each other’s stories

Your laid back way, your sweet caramel laugh
Lingering looks and sparks fly
I realise I like you, not just your music
A slow song plays

Lighters in the air

You thread your arm around me
Pulling me in to your warm torso
Placing your Stetson on my head
“Looks better on you…” you say with a charming grin

Warmth pours through me
I wrap my arm round your waist
You gaze down and eyes soften
As if we’ve known each other for years

Tonight with you
Nothing has ever felt so right



Violet Grey

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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