Bound to her, his Mistress
Cuffs soft and supple above his head
Blindfold silken round his eyes
Shivering, tingles delight his senses

The feel of her nails
Running down his chest
Lips he’d been blessed to kiss
Teasing the sweet spot on his shoulder

Toying with him to shaky breaths
She leaves, dark emptiness engulfs him
Void fills the air
Thick and heavy



Swift, sudden, the soft leather paddle strikes
Exhilarating rush, gasping aloud
“Count.” She commands

“One…” he pushes through a hushed moan
“Thank me.” She orders

“Two…Thank you, Ma’am…”
He counts to ten, silence screams aloud
Before fervent lips merge to one

His mind drifts in ecstasy, peaceful, at one
She has claimed him as her own


Violet Grey
Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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