Dim lights, satin sheets
Spiced cinnamon candles glow
Mouths merge in inflamed dance
Straddling his wide hips, he slowly fills her

Rough hands guide her round behind
Hips rock, skin on skin touch
Worshipping kisses on her bare shoulder
She buries her head in his muscular neck

Dextrous fingers knead her breast, teeth teases at her nipple
Dark, buzzed hair tickles her palm
A low moan hums in his throat
Arching back in surrender, rocking sensual and raw

Soft, shallow breaths sing serene
Gripping at his biceps, contours flex under her touch
Tongue traces at her throat, hand gently fists in her hair
Pulling her down to fervent, merciless lips

Fever rises, rocking faster, she cups his stubbled face
Groaning in her mouth, pinning her to his hard chest
Riding, bouncing, carnal fire burning between them
Legs weaken deliciously under his firm grip

Climax sings and splits apart
Bodies stiffen, cries feral and ragged
Collapsing on top of each other, gasping for steady breath
Minds dancing in lusty haze

Shuddering sated in each other’s arms



Violet Grey

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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