Pure and Honest

Entwine my words with your lips Encase me in steel curtain' arms Protecting valiant, true heart so dear Words maketh a man so they say Yet actions speak louder than words Such juxtaposition and jargon Compared to the true radiance I feel Bursting from your chest Cocooning us under soft, linen sheets Tell me my …

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‘Bound’ is now available on Amazon!

Six months and 14,000 words later, Bound is now officially live on Amazon Kindle! 🙌 Enjoy and if you like, be sure to leave a review 😘 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HGJHWPM All my love, Violet xx Copyright 2018 - Life of Violet - Violet Grey All Rights Reserved. *GIF - GIPHY *Picture - Property of Violet Grey

Fantasy v.s. Reality: Threesomes

I've been having more fantasies involving threesomes of late. Mainly MMF (male/male/female) and been watching more of this particular fantasy in the porn I tune in to at times. Threesomes are a pretty common sexual fantasy among us. I remember reading a few articles where it was in the top three sexual fantasies when conducting …

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