The Kept Pet

CONTENT NOTE: Erotic fiction. Dark romance. Character inspiration loosely based off Squid Game.

I’ve never seen his face.

No one knows who he really is, not even me. He’s an enigma. His face is always covered with the same black mask. I see his eyes. I kiss his lips, but have never once seen my protector’s face.

I don’t know why of all the people he’s softer with, it’s me. I don’t know what about me made him want to make me his, but I don’t complain. He takes care of me. I want for nothing.

He’s not a good man. I don’t know what his business is exactly, and frankly, I don’t really care to know. All I do know is, it’s the underworld. I know it’s nothing abhorrent, that’s comfort enough. An elite in the underworld, I surmise. Given his taste for finery and sophisticated air, dealing priceless artwork, artifacts and jewels wouldn’t surprise me.

He makes a lot of money and there plenty of powerful people who want to do business with him. That and his adament rule: Do no harm. Especially of innocents.

If he finds out any of his men has, he’ll see to them personally. He doesn’t have to spell it out. We know exactly what that means. He’s so feared by those who work with and for him that no one would dare. We’re businessmen. Not monsters, he says. I’ve overheard many a conversation on the phone, turning down business from other organisations, finishing with those words every time. He may be a criminal, but he preserves honour amongst theives at least.

I’m sat in my usual spot for the evening. On a plush couch in the vast space that is our apartment, knitting. Keeping myself occupied with something I enjoy.

‘Are you enjoying yourself, my love?’

Though his face is hidden behind a mask, I see the amused look in his eye, his lips curled up in a content smile.

‘I am.’ I rest what’s to be a blanket in my lap. ‘It’s good to have you back in the evenings again. I’ve missed you.’

His smile widens.

‘I’ve missed you too, kitten.’

He’s been working so hard lately. His footsteps haven’t graced the marble tiles until the early hours, descending into his bedroom (I have my own separate room with all the trimmings I could ever ask for) and locking the door behind him.

I think back to when I first came here. He’d lie with me in bed and stroke my hair until I fell asleep in his arms. He’s still done that until the late hours recently. He doesn’t want to disturb me, so he makes sure to add in some extra cuddle time in his lap come morning.

I’ve heard the other men talk. About us. Am I a wife? A girlfriend? Courtesan? They concluded on realising how opposite to him I am, unassuming, innocent to their business, shy, that they see me as a ‘pet of his’.

I dont mind that. In fact, I rather like that. I am his, and he is mine. That’s all I need to know. He looks after me, provides me with anything I could ever need and has never treated me badly. He may not be a good man by the law but he’s a good man to me. Anonymous, mysterious, mine.

With a grin, he gestures with his head.


He holds out his hand and with that tempting look, how could I not accept it? I take it and he leads me to his lap, straddling his hips, his hands sliding down to cup my ass. My hands slide over his shirt up his chest.

‘You know I want to make you feel good. Right, kitten?’

His hips rock up slightly, stroking between my legs with his cock through our clothes. A small gasp leaves my lips, rocking against against his slow, steady movement.

‘Yes Sir? ‘ I smile.

‘You know I want to make sure you’re taken care of?’


Our hips rock slowly in tandem, his cock growing harder between my legs, underwear getting more wet. I slowly unbutton his shirt. He catches my hand in his with a chuckle.

‘Don’t rush… I want to take care of you…’

His hips flex harder, his grip around my ass tightening, lightly swatting both cheeks. His eyes are dark, brooding, his fingers curling firm around my throat and pulling me into a soft kiss. My fingers brush over his mask. Smooth, patent.

Does he have a beard under there? Is he clean shaven? I know the colour of his eyes. The feel of his hair in my hands, when I grab fistfuls as he works his tongue between my legs. He blindfolds me when he does that. It’s all part of the game. The softness of his lips against mine.

It’s strangely exciting to be so familiar with a face I’ve never seen before. He lifts my skirt above my hips, guiding me to stand so he can pull down my underwear, the pair he picked just for me earlier that morning. Taking my hand, he places it on his cock, through his trousers, curling my fingers around his belt.

I unbuckle his belt, eagerly unzipping his fly and sliding his trousers down to his ankles. He unbuttons his shirt as I make work of his boxers, freeing his cock from the cotton. I’m too desperate to take him in my mouth first. I need him inside me. I take him in my hand, straddling his hips.

‘Someone’s eager – Ahhhh…

I don’t know if it’s the long hours he’s been putting in recently, or my desperate need for him whenever he’s around me, but I can’t hold back. I rock my hips fast, bouncing on his cock, only slowing down to stroke my clit against him. All the while, he grabs my hips, watching me in my pleasure…enjoying it etched on my face as I stare into his eyes…

‘That’s it, kitten…’ he growls. ‘Take what you need…’

Fuck… How could I say no when he’s never denied me of any pleasure I’ve asked for? Except the times when he’s denied me an orgasm, but that’s a fun pleasure in itself. It’s different, but it’s part of our little games. The games we play and enjoy with each other. When he lets me take charge, but he’ll always be the one in control… I wouldn’t have it any other way…

He guides my hips, my hands pressing against his chest, sliding up to his mask. He knows I won’t take it off. I like to feel the closest thing to his face. It’s intimate. I’m the only one allowed to do this. He takes a fistful of my hair, pulling me to his lips, kissing me fervently. He thrusts up into me, hard, fast, as desperate for this as I am.

‘That’s it, kitten…Ride my cock…’

He tugs down my dress, taking my nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth, circling, kissing, biting…

‘God, I’m so close, Sir…’ I moan.

The way he grinds and thrusts, pinching my nipples to hear me whimper and arch into his hands…It’s divine. He tenses under me, gripping me tight in his big arms, breathy moans rolling hot down my exposed chest.

‘Come for me…’ he commands. ‘Come with me!’

The marble walls are painted with our moans and cries. My toes curl as I feel him come inside me, making me his. Our chests rise and fall against the other’s, our breath slowly steadying, when the phone on the coffee table rings.

He sighs and gently lifts me off him as he takes the phone. But not without pulling me back into his lap, kissing my neck.

‘Hello?’ he answers, flashing me a wink as he listens. ‘Thank you.’

Hanging up, he dials a number, the ringing vibrating against his ear.

‘This is the Boss. The game can begin now.’

He sets the phone back on the table, placing a soft kiss on my lips.

‘The games are about to start, baby. So…why don’t you be a good kitten and get yourself cleaned up and in bed. I’ll join you later, ok?’

I smile.

‘Yes Sir.’

He wraps his hand around my throat, pulling my forehead to his, a low growl in his throat. He loves how obedient to him I am.

‘Then I can remind you who’s really in charge.’

I blush. He chuckles, slapping my ass before sending me on my way.

‘Oh and kitten? I have gift for you on the bed. Wear it for me tonight…with nothing else.’

With a great big grin, I kiss my protector, my masked lover, before making my way to the shower. I catch a glimpse of the wide screen turning on and him pouring a glass of Scotch.

So games is his business. No wonder he’s so good at ours. I wonder what game this is.

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