Male dominance and what I love about it

I’ve always been drawn to powerful men. When I say, “powerful“, I don’t mean one’s salary, just to get that out of the way. I mean how he carries himself. The quietly confident, the charismatic, the self-assured, the leader, I could go on!

I’ll feel the magnetic pull in my belly. I’ll want to know them better. I’ll want to find out what their deal is. There’s something so wonderfully blunt yet enigmatic about people like this. If this is someone I truly respect and admire (no migraine-inducing megalomaniacs need apply) my need to support, interact where our traits compliment the other etc. kicks in like a dirty great wallop to the stomach.

Going from Male submission and what I love about it, I wanted to talk about what I love about male dominance. Like I said in my last post, while I understand this can also apply in male submission, in this post I’ll purely be talking in the context of dominance.

I’m a no-nonsense girl, especially in relationships. I don’t like mind games and I don’t like bullshit. If you’re interested, say so. Forget that “3 day call rule” crap. If they say no, of course it sucks, but you’ll live. Part respectfully and move on. If something’s wrong, talk to me. Be yourself from day 1. I could go on, but I’ll spare you from my soap box today!

Speaking for myself, I’d consider myself a mixture of modern and traditional beliefs. I grew up in a very multicultural, multi-faith, multi-everything environment. I was surrounded from a very young age by a melting pot of traditional and modern teachings of the world around me. Multiple faiths, beliefs, 50+ spoken languages, you name it. So straight from the off, I knew there wasn’t just one cookie cutter way to approach life.

To provide a little more context, the majority of my guy friends in my teen years hailed from a myriad of different countries, mainly around Central, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Many of these different cultures have, in the present day, a more traditional outlook as opposed to the UK.

While in the West, some of these customs may generally be considered outdated or “old-school”, I found them to be quite endearing. I never saw it as insulting my womanhood, it was their way of showing respect. Whilst this was (and still is) the case with most of my British guy friends, it’s amplified in my friends of these cultures.

Also, it helped going from first hand experience, rather than just coming to snap judgements about one’s upbringings in another country. These were the boys and men I grew up with, and it was these experiences that heavily influenced me in why I love certain aspects of male dominance.

It feels good to feel looked after. It feels good to know someone’s got your back. It feels good to be and feel protected by someone. Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while will know, while I’m fiercely independent and egalitarian in my nature, I’m also one hell of a sucker for chivalry.

My boyfriend will still carry my bag (I never ask him to, by the way. He just does it) walk on the road side of the pavement etc. He’s very protective of me and was very close to his late grandfather (he was a lovely gentleman who sadly passed away earlier this year) who instilled many of these values in him. When I ask him why he does these things, he always, very cutely I may say, answers the same: “It’s my job to look after you. You’re my girl!”

I would never demand or expect a man to open the door for me (hell, I open the door for plenty of guys!) offer to carry my bag, walk on the outside of the pavement or pick up all of the bill. But when it does? I can’t lie and say I don’t feel warm and fuzzy.

In the bedroom…well…y’all know I like a dominant man in the sack! I just love it when my boyfriend takes charge in the bedroom. I tend to be the more submissive partner and he enjoys that as much as I do! I love how he pulls my hair and slaps my ass when he takes me from behind. I love hearing him growl. I love how he gets more excited when he hears my pleasure. I could go on!

I also love it when he wants me to take charge, but that’s switchy me for you! πŸ˜‚

All my love,

Violet xx

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9 thoughts on “Male dominance and what I love about it

    1. Thank you Drew 😊 It all depends on the person’s intention. If it’s out of goodness, respect etc. I have no issue with it. I love it! 😊 But if it comes from a sexist “No you can’t do this because you’re a woman.” place, then I have a problem with it! πŸ˜‚

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