Dance Like We’re Making Love

Entwine me in your arms, lead me with those skilful hands
Gliding through dim lit bars
The husky aroma of Havana cigars igniting my soul aflame
Your scent captivates me
Brooding coffee eyes hypnotize
O, for those dark eyes, I’ll do anything
Lead me across the floor, step toe step mirroring yours
Perfect puzzle pieces fitting snug
A painting to your frame, following you is so effortless
Elation so pure, I can feel our souls
Alight to the music, alight to the dance
Alight to each other, two kindred spirits
Who found each other in a lonely, Cuban bar
You are perfect to me, let your body tell me
What you can never say, as I do mine
Meshing sweetly to one spirit
We don’t need to see our flesh to make love
Our love is our dance, rest your hot cheek against mine
Let me feel your hand press firmly
To the small of my back, let our chests rise and fall in unison
I don’t know your name, but let’s make love all night.


Violet Grey
©2018 – Life of Violet – Violet Grey
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest

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