The last two weeks have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and really made me quite reflective. My hospital appointment went well and everything’s fine, thank goodness. Nothing to worry about!

As well as a few out of the blue experiences and just general introspection, I’ve been reflecting on how much I’ve changed in this last year. I’ve become a lot calmer, generally a lot happier in myself, wanting to take a path in to writing that has equally surprised and excited me.

It’s starting to sink in now that in little over a month, I’ll be starting my MA. I just received my reading list yesterday and I’ve got a lot of reading to do! So just a heads up, I may not be able to post as often as I do right now, but I’ll try my best.

I’m looking forward to starting, but seeing the sheer amount to go through (not complaining, by any means!) made some doubts creep in. Can I actually do this? Will I be smart enough to pull this off? But I pushed them aside. I’ve got to have better faith in myself and I refuse to let some negative thoughts get in the way of what I want to pursue. No one said it would be easy!

Right *deep breath*, time to search Kindle!


All my love,

Violet xx

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13 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. passionateliasons

    We all change up and down over time. Ill be the first to say it, your smart and bright enough to do it, so stop doubting yourself.
    Good luck. Not that you’ll need it. xx

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    1. Definitely we do. The last few months have been insane for changes!
      I do need to stop that doubt creeping in. I’m no Stephen Hawking by any means but I keep telling myself I wouldn’t have got unconditional offer if there wasn’t something in this little noggin right? *taps head* lol
      Thanks for your faith in me love, means a lot ❤ xx

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      1. passionateliasons

        No, Stephen Hawkins was himself, you’re Violet and there’s things you can do and think that no one else can. That’s what makes you great! You’ve got it up there love, I have faith but to me you’ve got it whether you know it or not.
        If you don’t again come and find me and I’ll banish it again 💕 xx

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