Anxiety, ASMR and audio erotica

Anxiety’s been flaring up like crazy this past week. I have a hospital appointment coming up to have some tests done. I’m not particularly worried about it, as it will probably consist of the usual examinations and ultrasound, but it’s proved to be a little daunting knowing what tests can be done if the doctors deem it necessary.

When it comes to medical things, I’ve never been the most patient person. The waiting game is one of the worst parts. I just want to get to the bottom of the issue so I can sort it out as soon as possible. But I’m lucky I’m in a place where we have the NHS so I always try to count my blessings.

But while my spirits have been relatively calm, because of this pent up anticipation my body definitely has not been. I’ve been so restless this week with so much adrenaline coursing through me, I’ve been having to channel it in to extra writing or moving around. I just haven’t been able to sit still.

It just made me realise just how fragile a line between business as usual and getting anxious. I’ve been feeling great in my spirits and much more clear-headed. Then one little hospital appointment comes up and BOOM! The bitch that is anxiety is raring to go and it took me by surprise.

On a more light hearted subject, I’ve discovered a wonderful thing that’s been helping me relax enough it’s actually sent me to sleep a few times. ASMR and audio roleplay. I’ve known what ASMR is since my teens and regularly listen to it as I find it really relaxing and calming.

But this is a little different, as in there are ladies and gents on YouTube that specialise in boyfriend/girlfriend audio roleplay. Some of you might be thinking Violet, you have a boyfriend. What purpose does this serve? but hear me out.

It’s like listening to a romance novel audiobook, only it’s completely immersive. Instead of hearing a story being read to you, it’s like you are a character in the story you are listening to. Like immersive theatre (which I love!), it’s like listening to an audio of Pride and Prejudice, but you’re hearing Darcy talking to you as if you were Elizabeth. It’s great!

So being a sucker for all things romantic, I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Like with books, music etc. there’s something for everyone. There are audios for confidence boosts, sleep aids, just general storytelling regardless of genre, you name it.

To give a bit more context, since the breakdown I had earlier this year I’ve been having trouble sleeping completely through the night. Coming from a woman who can sleep for England, this was a change. In the beginning I was waking up every hour on the hour, four/five times a night, the works. Now it’s improved to maybe once a night, but as you can imagine I’ve been constantly tired for most of the last eight months.

I’ve been trying different things to help, as I didn’t want to go down the road of sleeping tablets, and things like lavender and reading do help to a certain extent, along with improved sleep as I’ve been gradually been getting better. But this audio has been a Godsend to me.

A few videos in to romantic immersive audio and I was out like a light. That, coupled with a lovely Lush shower gel called Olive Branch that my gorgeous man got me for my birthday, my trusty lavender body lotion and these videos, I’ve slept better in the last week than I have done in the last few months.

Now with the romantic audios, naturally comes the audio erotica. Many who create romantic audio on YouTube and have erotic audios have to take their erotic content to Patreon, as it goes against YouTube’s guidelines. One creator who I’ve had the pleasure to become a patron to called Gaelforce, has fantastic content covering all bases from anxiety and sleep, to romantic and erotica, all of which is top notch! Plus his “audio rambles” are absolutely hilarious!

Feel free to have a listen to the video I’ve linked below. I was feeling sleepy within 5 minutes of this one! ๐Ÿ˜‚

I’d highly recommend, especially if you’re a sucker for an Irish accent and hearing a little Gaelic! ๐Ÿ˜‚

All my love,

Violet xx

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*Video – YouTube

5 thoughts on “Anxiety, ASMR and audio erotica

  1. Oh I love things that give me ASMR! Thank you for sharing the story, I really enjoyed it and will look into more. Thereโ€™s an app called Calm you may like too that has ASMR inducing stories. I understand how anxiety waiting to pounce feels and hope things go ok when you do have your appt. thank you for sharing xx

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